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Serwood was established in 1970 and trades in wooden structures. Our premises are at 1st km Kalivia -Markopoulo avenue. Our state of the art equipment consisting of C&C machines is housed in 10.000 sq. meters, where the structures are carefully designed and constructed in detail and then are taken apart and transferred to the building site where they are fitted with precision, speed and no mess or inconvenience caused to our clients.
This procedure ensures the high quality of our constructions and the minimization of problems caused by unpredictable and unpropitious weather conditions.

We use the new, revolutionary method of assembling pieces of woods with KNAPP fasteners, which allow the assembly and dismantling of a structure with no damage caused to the material whatsoever.

1.The creation of a roof is a demanding task

In order to achieve the high quality standards and accuracy required for the Serwood constructions we make provision for the appropriate conditions, the necessary equipment and the skilled staff.



In Serwood we are particularly rigorous and fiddly with our constructions and this is the reason why our work involves a long process, from the wood processing to the structure fitting at our customers’ houses.

2. All the construction stages are completed in our premises

Our customers are welcome to monitor the construction process from the beginning to its completion. No structure leaves our premises without having gone through the required quality check.

3. After its completion, the roof is transferred to the building site and is fitted there.

Due to our strict quality requirements and high standards, we achieve the perfect fitting and minimum inconvenience for our clients.


Wood is an ecologically friendly material that provides warmth and a cosy atmosphere combined with a sense of luxury. It is a material widely used in many practical ways by man. In Serwood, thanks to our expertise and love for it, we use it in order to create works of art.

In our company we see the roof as a piece of furniture, not as a mere construction of practical use, so we give it the appropriate attention. Our customers can monitor the process of the construction all the way, from the very first stage, which involves the construction of the model, to the completion of the work inside our premises.

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