SERWOOD Wood processing

In Serwood, located in Kalyvia, we construct wooden structures that combine beauty with quality. We create visible, ornamental, hand-carved roof tops of unique aesthetic quality.


In times when mass production of wooden products prevails due to low cost, we insist on following the tracks of folk craftsmanship. In Serwood, our hand-made creations clearly show that the principles of folk art have not been lost.


For us, the house is nothing but a creative reconstruction of the natural environment. Thus, its roof is not perceived as just a means of protecting it. It is a piece of beauty, a piece of exquisite furniture.

As the prominent Greek professor of folk culture Michalis Meraklis says “The main characteristic of Greek folk art is that it combines practical use with aesthetic quality”. This is exactly our philosophy, which is reflected in our creations.


Wood is an ecologically friendly material that provides warmth and a cosy atmosphere combined with a sense of luxury. It is a material widely used in many practical ways by man. In Serwood, thanks to our expertise and love for it, we use it in order to create works of art.


Our premises are in Kalyvia and our show room, which is unique in Greece, is housed in a building of 1.500 sq.m. at 34th km Athens-Sounio avenue. In our show room you can find the answers to your questions concerning a variety of wooden structures such as house roofs, porches, arbours, wooden houses, patio roofs, staircases, floors, and many more.

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